Hi, I am Juddy, welcome to Maximum Vegan.

Maximum Vegan is a website dedicated to the nutritional requirements of training in sports that are highly demanding on your body, whilst following a plant based diet.

From marathon running to football to cycling to Mixed Martial Arts, Maximum Vegan has you covered.

I took up MMA training at the old age of 37 and what my body lacked in youth, I made up for in determination. I had enjoyed (and still do) long distance running for many years, but my main love now is the explosive, highly intense, heart rate maximising training that is MMA.

Maximum  Vegan was born out of a lack of good quality, unbiased information available on the internet for plant based eaters who wish to train in a high performance sport. At the heart of the site is good quality, healthy, nutritious and most importantly, great tasting recipes that are designed to either fuel your workouts or aid post-workout recovery. As of 2018, there will also be a host of nutrition articles, training programs and interviews with top level plant based athletes, not just in the MMA world, to find out more about how a vegan diet and lifestyle has helped them achieve their goals.

The site has 2 strict rules which I follow…

Maximum Vegan is an ethics and judgement free zone.

As mentioned, the purpose of this site is a resource for the nutritional requirements of someone eating a plant based diet. Whatever path you took to become plant based or vegan, whether it was through ethical or health reasons, that is YOUR business. The articles also assume that you are already eating a plant based diet, however there is enough information on here to open up the minds of the most carnivorous of meat eaters, should they want to try something new. Whilst is is great that no animals are harmed with a vegan lifestyle and the environment is undoubtedly helped with less animal farming, that is simply not the point of this site.

It is the opinion of the author that vegan judgement is terrible for the movement and can only ever cause more harm than good. The combination of education and humbleness is always the way forward.

Maximum Vegan is a bullshit free zone.

This is the most important aspect of the site.

When you first turn vegan, you join facebook groups, read articles and take in a LOAD of misinformed advice from people on the benefits of a vegan diet. The one that always got me was “you don’t just survive, you thrive on a vegan diet”.

Whilst this CAN be true, allow me to make an amendment and tell you the most honest piece of advice you will ever hear as vegan, whether you are training in high performance sport or entirely sedentary….

“You can thrive on a vegan diet, but DAMN it is hard work”

Allow me to make it easier for you. It is my belief that if you research veganism thoroughly and actually act on your research by eating the correct foods, then a plant based diet is the healthiest way of eating possible. That said, with the modern vegan companies supplying ultra-realistic mock meats and junk foods these days, it is EASY to eat one of the unhealthiest diets possible.

Fries, potato chips, burgers, donuts, cookies, white bread, pies, cakes, pizza, chocolate and sugary drinks are all vegan or have vegan varieties and whilst you only live once and can eat any of these on occasion without worry, eat them regularly and you are entering dangerous territory. Therefore this site is dedicated to (mainly) whole food, natural ingredients that are plants or derived from plants.

MMA and similar sports are TAXING on your body, especially if you are silly enough to take it up in your late 30s like myself. You need proper nutrition to recover from your workouts and you can thrive on a vegan diet, just clue yourself up first.

No bullshit. My promise to you.

Plant Based Vs Vegan?

What’s all this plant based nonsense you keep banging on about? It sounds ridiculous.

I agree it does sound ridiculous and I wish it had a cooler name, but it is important to differentiate the two as nothing angers those judgemental vegans I told you about earlier more than a plant based eater, claiming to be vegan.

The basic rule of thumb is

Plant Based = diet.

Veganism = lifestyle.

Vegans reject absolutely anything related to animal products whatsoever. That means any food (obviously), but also any clothing made with an animal being caused harm, so no leather, fur, wool or silk and any products tested on animals. It is an ethical lifestyle choice, whereas plant based eaters are doing it PURELY for the health benefits. It is confusing seeing someone eating a tofu scramble whilst wearing leather shoes, it seems hypocritical, but unless the reason why they are eating the tofu scramble is for animal rights, then it is not hypocritical. It is important to understand the difference.

I place myself in the plant based category. Although I try, wherever possible, to minimise the products I buy with having any contact with animals, the simple fact of the matter is, I eat plant based because of the incredible health benefits.

So why is this site called Maximum Vegan then? Quite simply, it is because the majority of the people on this planet still see someone who eats a plant based diet as a “vegan”. Plus of course, ‘Maximum Plant Based’ doesn’t have the same ring to it!

About the author.

Hi again, I’m Juddy or Justin James Brown as my parents named me.

For most of my life, I was in bands in London and lived the clichéd musician lifestyle of excess. After being diagnosed with liver disease, ballooning up to 40 lbs overweight and being informed of intolerances to lactose and eggs, I decided to try going “vegan” for 22 days. It was the best thing I ever did and I have not looked back since. The liver disease was reversed, the weight fell off and I took up running, which led to long distance running. It was through this new passion that I learned how to eat properly on a plant based diet and how to aid recovery after putting my body through these torturous long runs.

After a few years of low intensity, long distance running, I decided to start training in my real passion MMA and again, I have not looked back.

However, the week before I was to begin MMA training, I tore the labrum in my shoulder and with my Surgeons refusal to operate, due to the horribly long and painful recovery, I began a lengthy physiotherapy course that got me back on track and finally at a level where I could begin training. During this time, I devised an entire plan to enable me “match fit” to train in MMA. Using HIIT cardio, bodyweight exercises and kettlebell functional strength sessions, I got ready and when I finally was able to start training, most of my cardio was already there, so I could concentrate on technique.

I operate another site called www.longplayerkitchen.com where you will find healthy recipes, but also the weekly cheat meal recipes I make. That is where you will find pizzas, burritos and burgers, should you be interested. It also delves more into my other passion – music.

Maximum Vegan though is dedicated to what I eat in the 20 other meals a week.

I hope you find this site a useful resource. To anyone reading, whether you are training in MMA, football, running, swimming or darts!!!, good luck to you on your plant based journey.


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