Welcome to Maximum Vegan, a resource site for plant based athletes

Hello and welcome to Maximum Vegan.

For a more detailed account of what and who I am, visit the ‘About’ Page. The concept of this site is simple though……

I want to build a full resource for vegan eaters, especially vegan athletes, to maximise their plant based potential, as cheesy as that sounds.  I am going to assume that by visiting this site, you have already reached the decision to be a vegan. How or why you got there is your business and I will not try and turn people or push any lifestyle on unwilling participants. If you are a vegan (or plant based eater) who trains in any sport or if you are simply a vegan who would like to lose a bit of weight or learn to eat healthier, you are going to love this site and I hope to build a resource that you can continue to come back to time and time again.

I am Juddy and I operate another site www.longplayerkitchen.com . That is the place where I will concentrate on more standard recipes and also a place where I combine my love of music and food. Long Player Kitchen is where you will find burgers, pizzas, pastas, desserts. The cheat meals, if you will. Maximum Vegan is 100% pure health recipes that are designed to fuel your workouts and/or aid efficient recovery, something that vegans are promised a LOT of but very rarely actually told how to do it. Also as of this point, I will be making a conscious decision to use hacks wherever possible without losing any flavour. Take oil for example, up until this point, oil is used for efficiency and taste but from this point on, oil is going to be used only when absolutely necessary. The recipes will contain ingredients that are as close to their natural state as humanly possible when you purchase them. Healthy recipes that taste great, using whole food and plant based ingredients.

As of this post, there are only recipes on here that have been migrated from my other site. I have isolated the health recipes and bought them over. From here out though, this is where the health recipes will be and will be a resource of what I eat and why I eat it, to help me recover from and to fuel the workouts for MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and long distance running training. As you can imagine, my body takes a LOT of abuse from this and approaching 40 years old, my diet has to be spot on in order to heal itself and get ready for the next day of training. ANY athlete from cricket to football will find this site a valuable resource though.
Maximum Vegan will not be limited to just recipes though, there will be articles on nutrition, training plans, interviews, videos and a whole host of information to help you become maximum vegan!

I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to building the site.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to Maximum Vegan, a resource site for plant based athletes

  1. Brilliant! 👏🏻 I get my exercise walking round the block and going upstairs but look forward to your new posts. You have single-handedly brought my hb over from the dark side, as a long-term cooking phobic he now likes reading your recipes and wants to try one occasionally 😊 Good luck with the new venture, I don’t know how you have time!

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